What is Ocvcoin?

Ocvcoin is a modified version of Bitcoin. Heavy computations are used for resistance to asics. Uses the Open CV library for these computations.

Ocvcoin Core

DOWNLOAD Version: 22.0
For 64 bit Windows
Click here to compile for Ubuntu!
With Ocvcoin Core, you can create your own wallet and send and receive Ocvcoins!

Ocvcoin Miner

DOWNLOAD New feature: Mining Pool Supported!
For 64 bit Windows
How to run: https://youtu.be/REuNrxk2MwE
Click here to compile for Ubuntu!

Ocvcoin Android Miner

DOWNLOAD Android devices consume almost no electricity!
Version: 1.2
For all Android devices
How to run: https://youtu.be/kuevlkeFBs0